Ride, Play and Swim with Dolphins in Paradise

Dolphin Trainer for a Week Program - 2002


Past Trips - Photos & Fun!


To see video clips it is recommended that a cable or DSL internet connection be used,
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1. 2004 Dolphin Adventure

2. Dolphin Trainer for a Week - I

3. Toe Push

4. Dorsal Tow

5. The Dolphins

6. Dolphin Trainer for a Week - II

7. Rocketride! - 2006

The following videos can be downloaded (Option/Click with the Mac)
and played with Windows Media Player which works best
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This plug-in can be downloaded at:

8. Introductory Talk with Karin & Jon

9. "Join Us" - with Karin & Jon


1. Call of the Dolphin - Adventure in Paradise
Printed in Specialty Travel Magazine, Spring/Summer, 2004



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