Swim, Play and Ride with Dolphins in Paradise

Dolphin Trainer for a Week Program - 2007


The Dance

   I feel as though the dolphins continue, by way of example, to invite us to dance — to let go and to keep moving. So often it seems as though we create our own obstacles and resistances in life out of our fear of change. "If I don't work to hold on, I'll lose this person or that part of my life," we think; whereas, if we can learn to trust ourselves more and pay attention to our deepest truths and longings, and let go and actually breathe, the river of life can keep moving forward. Otherwise, we risk getting stuck and can feel blocked in the expression of our feelings and in the choices we make or don't make for ourselves. We need to feel revitalized by new oxygen and energy.

— Karin Kinsey, from Dancing on Water

* * *

  This was an incredible experience connecting with amazing, loving, playful beings, who teach us a lot if we pay attention.

— Sheva Feld, Psychologist

  Thank you for everything. I have not had a night without dreaming about the dolphins! Last night I actually saw thousands of them! It was fun!

— Krisztina Peremartoni, Actress

  Thank you for such an amazing week. In the meditation you led early on in the trip I asked the dolphins to send their energy into my apartment so that when I got back I felt more than just the absence of my cat (who died just before I left on my trip) ... it worked. I felt them, and it made the transition much more healing. I still cried but I felt the dolphins swimming around the room and circling us in light and love. It was just what I needed. So glad I went to the evening gatherings. Thank you.

—Galen Friend, Massage Therapist

   Language of Light

Language of Light by Bryan de Flores


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