Swim, Play and Ride with Dolphins in Paradise

Dolphin Trainer for a Week Program - 2004


Quotes from 2004 Participants

   When I chose this dolphin encounter to come to with my daughter and grandaughter I prayed that it would be just half as good as the information and pictures suggested that it was. It far surpassed any of our wildest expectations. The encounters with the dolphins was of course what we went for and that was an experience beyond belief. Then there was our group - I believe nearly every one carries some baggage around with them but being with these underwater and out of water friends just made that disappear.,,,
   The dolphins gave me an inner peace. They are magnificent creatures with a knowledge we know nothing about, of that I am sure.
   About the resort: Apart from its natural paradise beauty, the kindness and gentle nature of its people, the perfect accommodations and gourmet food, I loved the fact that every time I turned around I was not having to pay for something - not the taxi, not the kayak I took freely, not the lectures and training sessions, or any of the other events that were available to us....
   To try and explain this trip to any one will be just short of impossible. It was a very spiritual happening for me, I felt old grudges and resentments falling away.... It gave me some answers to questions that had been troubling me and a new insight into myself. I came away being quite content with myself and with a knowledge that yes, I CAN DO IT.

— Barbara McFadden, Grandmother

   I don't think I've ever had a more amazing trip than the ones we take - it settles my heart & soul like no other place.

— DJ Pierce, Administrator & Trip Returnee

  Some of the highlights of the week included being in the water with the dolphins as they initiated play, my very first "foot push" with Mika - it was exhilerating beyond words. The joyfulness I experienced with these loving beings was like none other in my lifetime, thus far.
  Some of the things I liked best about the week were the quality of people joining together for this experience - diverse in background, nationality, language, and age.
  The entire resort was magnificent. I love my deluxe suite. I adored all the staff...I appreciated their sincere friendliness and willingness to accommodate me in any way possible ...the surroundings were lush, the sunsets breathtaking...
  This trip must be experienced to understand how deeply touched and transformed one can become while in the presence of these expansive creatures.

— Louise Scott, RN

   I just want to thank you for such a wonderful expierence. During the trip I had the chance to review my life and put a few things in order. I got rid of some of my major fears and I finally started making decisions for me. I came home feeling enpowered and spiritally uplifted and people around me have seen a change.

— Nicola Hughes, UK & Trip Returnee


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