Swim, Play and Ride with Dolphins in Paradise

Dolphin Trainer for a Week Program - 2008


Quotes from 2008 Participants

   The week was like living in a special world with nature, animals, vegetables, people, friends—like in a worldly paradise. . .to be repeated. . .an experience unique in the world.

— Salvatore Russo, Company President, Italy

   The most emotional experience of my life—to be suggested to all at least once in a lifetime.

— Patrizia Schafer, Italy

   The best trip of my life—I would want my friends and family to experience it too.

— Denise Turner, Indiana

   A fantastic getaway to a tropical paradise with an amazing dolphin experience.

— Amy Sharples, NJ

   I liked how relaxed the week was and the amazing interactions with the dolphins. I also met a lot of new friends.

— Lynn Robbins, AZ

   People dream of just seeing dolphins. Here, you get to touch, play and ride with the them. . .it's amazing to believe that you're holding the dolphin's dorsal fin, and it's taking you for a ride!

— Lewis Pietropaoli, 9 1/2 yrs. old

   A unique experience—relaxing, recreational, social, spiritual, educational—all in one trip. . .the highlight of the week for me was having some incredible one-to-one dolphin play in the last snorkel swim.

— Rick Pietropaoli, Albany, CA

   Scuba diving with the dolphins—it was like music! I felt like our group was a pod. We became bonded like a family. I felt very supported and looked after by the resort. The rooms were fabulous; the views stunning.

— Ilona Pollak, Palo Alto, CA

   Playing and interacting with the dolphins fills every part of my being. They are incredibly joyful, spontaneous creatures who freely give a piece of themselves to us imperfect beings.

— DJ Pierce, San Rafael, CA 


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