Swim, Play and Ride with Dolphins in Paradise

Dolphin Trainer for a Week Program - 2005


Quotes from 2005 Participants

   The daily encounters and snorkeling convinced me that it is a precious gift to be called into the dolphins' presence. Somehow, in a way that I can't pretend to understand, they awaken us . . . I began to journey into something much bigger than myself. There is this sense of completeness and connection that I suspect they feel every moment of their lives.

— Lisa DiPlacido, SF, CA

   When I was in the water, the dolphins played with me for about five minutes straight and were totally curious about what I was doing.
   Words cannot describe this trip. All I can do is show [people] photos to try to explain and let their imagination do the rest.

— Chase Sawyer, Student

   Phenomenal! I wish I could do this trip every year for many years. And I will definately recommend it to others.
   The highlight of the week was the heightened sense of love experienced through the dolphins and the group . . .
   I so much appreciated the "flow" of this week's program. It's obvious that it's been well thought out. The timing of it is impeccable.

— Sharon Hoffman, Administrator

   I have to tell you that it is unfreakin' believable!! the sense of peace and calm that has embraced my body. I feel like the world's insanity can't touch me; I have this aura that surrounds me (like the dolphins are swimming around me to protect and guide me), my shoulders are dropped without them being pinned to my ears . . . I feel like my battery has been recharged . . .
   I really enjoyed the group of people that attended, each with their own story and willingness to feel . . . change or new experiences. I'm still sporting my "dolphin braid," sharing my experiences (people comment that I even look different). My parrots seem to sense the change and keep saying "All better!" — Hmmmm? I'm not worried about what direction I'm going in next. I have restored faith that the universal timing is in the hands of the big "G." I am where I'm supposed to be for now.

— Michele Lorento, NY

   Thank you again for such a magnificant trip. All five of us had the time of our lives; it really was incredible! Everything about the trip was perfect! The island was beautiful, the resort was perfect, we loved how our two rooms connected by the deck over the water, the food was delicious, the staff were all so nice, the company was wonderful and the dolphin were amazing! When I try to tell my friends and family about our week, it's hard to find the words to convey the beauty of it all.

— Susan Sawyer, Norco, CA

    Words cannot really express how utterly fabulous this trip has been — both for myself and my husband. The dolphin's sheer joy of being is an excellent reminder to us all of our true nature and we have returned home still "sparkling" from the experience. Having reached the conclusion a few years ago following a life threatening accident that life truly is too short not to realise your dreams, this trip has certainly realised one of mine and surpassed all expectations. Highly recommended!

— Julia McCutchen, UK


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