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Bay Islands of the Caribbean

Customized Trips for Singles, Couples
and Families
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Experience the human-dolphin connection in this exclusive week-long Program offering intimate free-swims and hands-on encounter sessions with some of the ocean's most delightful and fascinating marine mammals—the bottlenose dolphins. Stay in a beautiful and ecologically protected tropical destination and learn about the intricate world of these playful, yet gentle, cetaceans. This is a rare opportunity to experience these extraordinary creatures in close proximity and in a private setting. If you've ever dreamed of swimming and playing with dolphins, come and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!

dolphin jumping SWIM with a pod of 20 or more dolphins in a private lagoon
dolphin jumping EXPERIENCE the intimacy of hands-on dolphin encounter sessions
dolphin jumping LEARN hand signals and communications from Staff members
dolphin jumping DELIGHT in the thrill of dorsal tow rides and toe pushes with bottlenose dolphins!
dolphin jumping ENJOY horsebackriding, kayaking, snorkeling, diving & exotic wildlife
dolphin jumping RELAX in a hidden, tropical island resort on a white sand beach or in your own hammock

In intimate interactions facilitated by the trained staff from an on-site Marine Biology Center you will, not only feel the magic of swimming with dolphins and enjoy the thrill of riding with them in dorsal tows and toe pushes, but experience the intimacy of small encounter sessions with some of the planet's most sensitive and intelligent creatures!

Questions? Call 510-653-3473 or 415-225-9581

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