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Dolphin Program
We have created a "dream come true" program for you! This opportunity is unique in the world and offered exclusively to guests of the resort participating in this trip. The program includes:

• Free-Swims with the Dolphins - Every day we will swim with a pod of approximately 16 dolphins in a two-acre enclosed area of the lagoon—a protected natural ecosystem—just a two-minute boat ride from the resort. This is a group session with the Senior Training Staff of the Marine Biology Center and a videographer. An orientation and hands-on dolphin encounter is followed by a play and swim session with snorkel equipment lasting approximately 30 minutes. While these dolphins live within an enclosed area of the lagoon, there is space where they may go, should they choose not to be with humans.

• Ride with the Dolphins - Let the dolphins take you for a ride doing dorsal tows and foot pushes! The thrill and delight of these extraordinary sessions are an unforgettable experience. You will have several sessions with a dolphin and a trainer. In dorsal tows you hold on to the dorsal fin of a dolphin while being pulled through the water. In foot pushes the dolphins push on the soles of your feet and propel you through the water.

• Dolphin Behavior Training Sessions - Learn training behavior and hand signals for jumps, spins, "tail walks," "laughing," "kisses" and much more with the Senior Training Staff.

• Classroom Sessions - Learn about Dolphin Cognition and Communication, Behavior and Conservation. Classes utilize slides, transparencies and video tapes profiling past and present dolphin research at various locations throughout the world. Participants will learn about the physiology and behavior of dolphins, as well as conservation issues that affect their future.*
*Includes illustrated text book: "The Bottlenose Dolphin: A Comprehensive Profile."

• Interactive Hands-On Water Session - Become familiar with dolphin anatomy and physiology and observe sonar and ecolocation behaviors underwater.

• Daily Afternoon Presentations - Three dolphins and a Senior Trainer give daily 1/2 hr. afternoon demonstrations of jumps, tail-walks, flips & other dolphin antics!

Dolphin Feeding & Care - Get acquainted with the fish house and participate in an intimate feeding session with your feet dangling in the water off a floating platform, your own bucket of fish, and a single dolphin.

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The Bay Islands
Marine Biology Center

The Marine Biology Center is surrounded by approximately 13 km. of protected reefs. No spear fishing, trapping or collecting of any kind is allowed within this area. Nothing is to be taken from the reefs. Only single line fishing is permitted. To discourage touching or grabbing corals divers and snorkelers may not wear gloves within the reserve.

The Center has initiated a long-term reef-monitoring program within the Marine Reserve. Coral, fish and invertebrate populations, conditions on the reef such as salinity, turbidity and temperatures are monitored over time, as well as reef health. Student groups are invited to participate in the reef-monitoring program. The Center is dedicated to preserving the natural resources of the island, and any research to be conducted must be approved prior to arrival. All groups must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Marine Park and the Marine Biology Center.