dolphin with leaf



Dear Friends, Family and Dolphin Lovers Everywhere,

As your hosts, we invite you to join us in a Dream Come True! We have both had a long-time love affair in our hearts with dolphins. When dolphins kept showing up unexpectedly in meditations and in my waking visioning, I knew it was time to start bringing more spontaneous play, lightness and inspiration back into my life. I began dancing again, and I took the leap and created my own graphic design business called Dolphin Press. At the same time, Jon, with a long-time background in meditation and personal growth work, started leading trips to Hawaii to swim with the wild spinner dolphins. We both, however, kept holding the dream of someday touching and coming into direct contact with bottlenose dolphins — perhaps even riding with them (in warm water)! With that intention our wishes came true!

Almost ten years ago we visited a very special place off the coast of Honduras, and enjoyed the best vacation of our lives. From that experience, we decided to see if we could co-create with the staff there a program that would give people the best hands-on dolphin experience possible within a week's period of time. People who come in contact with dolphins are captivated by their playfulness and intelligence. Many are awakened to new levels of heart opening and even spiritual experiences. On this trip we include time for meditation and the sharing of dolphin stories. We hope you join us!

warmly, Karin & Jon

Questions? Call 510-653-3473 or 415-225-9581