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We highly recommend these other resources:
Dolphin Jumping - Karin's graphic and web design business, Dolphin Press, has focused on the fields of outdoor adventure (she is the art director of Specialty Travel magazine), personal growth and alternative health. Discover reliable, timely, and tasteful solutions for your graphical needs.
Dolphin Jumping - Jon is the successful CEO of Total Health Secrets, a premier source of alternative health information and products designed to significantly improve your health, energy and restore optimum weight.
Dolphin Jumping - offers Jon's 6-CD set on how to achieve vibrant health and unlimited vitality.
Dolphin Jumping - Pacific Environment protects the living habitat of the Pacific Rim by promoting grassroots activism—specifically to protect wilderness areas and endangered species—strengthening communities, and and encouraging higher environmentally-friendly standards by reforming international environmental policies.
Dolphin Jumping Rainbow Productions (Rolf Hicker • Film & Photo Productions) - Rolf Hicker is well known both nationally and internationally for his work as a nature photographer and filmmaker. See and order high quality reproductions of nature and wildlife photography, including marine life.
Dolphin Jumping The Whalesong Project - Live and archived sounds of the Humpback whales (dolphins visit the hydrophone) based in Maui & inspired by a group of volunteers dedicated to having the voices of the oceans heard.
Dolphin Jumping Orca Network - Connecting whales and people in the Pacific Northwest; news & updates about the Southern Resident Orca community in the inland waterways of Washington state and British Columbia.
Dolphin Jumping Bryan de Flores - Beautiful light-encoded drawings by the artist which act as activation templates and accelerators for higher consciousness.
Dolphin Jumping - The high vibration of the butterfly is akin to the magic of the dolphin— both often acting as messengers of Spirit. See the Butterfly Gardeners Association and the Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace—a network of musicians, artists & performers promoting peace and global consciousness events & concerts.
Dolphin Jumping Harmonic Dreams - A collection of superb relaxation, dance, ambient, world music and sound healing DVDs from a fantastic musician and great dolphin lover. Also yoga retreats and kirtan.

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