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The Mini Dolphin Package

If you are unable to participate in the full Dolphin Training for a Week program, consider a Mini Dolphin Training Package for individuals traveling during the rest of the year. The Mini Package includes the Dolphin Trainer for a Day, the Dolphin Specialty Course and one snorkel swim. These are activities that you will need to book for yourself upon your arrival at the resort, and are subject to availability (whether or not they are full).

You can also Mix and Match (or "Max"-imize) your own unique experience by combining one or more of these activities to suit your own schedule.

The Dolphin Trainer for a Day ($160/guest) program offers participants the opportunity to spend the entire day with the staff at the Marine Biology Center. Go "behind the scenes" and learn about their daily care and food preparation. Learn about dolphin anatomy and training techniques during "hands-on" interactive sessions. Work one-on-one with the dolphins and initiate behaviors both in and out of the water.

For those who would like a more in-depth study of bottlenose dolphins, the Dolphin Specialty Course ($160/guest) offers a two-day combination of classroom sessions and hands-on interaction. Slides, transparencies and videos show past and present dolphin research at various locations throughout the world. Participants will study the physiology and behavior of dolphins, as well as discuss conservation issues that affect their future.

The interactive sessions give participants the opportunity to work with the animals as a trainer to initiate various behaviors. An illustrated text book and a specialty course photo ID are provided. Gain knowledge and a truer appreciation for these remarkable marine mammals. Class is held on two consecutive days from 4:30-6:00pm, so guests may take advantage of scheduled boat dives and snorkel excursions earlier in the day.

Following a 25-minute beach encounter, the Dolphin Snorkel/Swim ($73/guest) begins, and lasts approximately 30 minutes, allowing participants maximum opportunities for physical contact. If the dolphins choose not to interact, there is a private area for them within the two-acre enclosure. Swimmers are accompanied by a dolphin behaviorist and videographer. A maximum of ten snorkelers interact with the dolphins off a white-sand key in approximately 20 feet of water. Minimum age 13.

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