Sprinkled throughout this oracle deck are stars and flowers—the "stars" of Gaia.

     Ultimately, it seems we are all star beings having an experience on Earth. These cards are meant as a magical and playful set of tools that can help you to navigate this earthly experience and your expanded self. The images have come through many dimensional doorways: faerie, the stars, the whales and dolphins, dragon, and much more. The deck includes a small instructional booklet, which offers interpretations of the cards. These are only suggestions, and you are encouraged to follow your own insights and trust your inner guidance.

     May your "walk" among the stars continue to lead to greater wisdom and joy.

Sample Cards:

From the author of DANCING ON WATER: Adventures with Dolphins, Whales and Interspecies Communication comes the Starwalker Oracle.

     This beautiful 48-card oracle deck also comes with a small booklet of interpretations, each with an upright and reversed position. However, the cards will mean different things to different people. Consult these explanations only after listening to your own inner guidance and intuition.

Sample Interpretations:

Jumping for Joy

The dolphins are inviting you to jump for joy! Celebrate this exuberant energy. Express your excitement today. When dolphins are excited or happy they are able to jump much higher than one would suppose considering their body weight.


Have you been putting a lid on your excitement recently? Or perhaps you need to allow yourself the opportunity to engage in an activity that allows you to jump for joy. Too much restriction or denial can put a damper on the soul. Find time to have some fun!


You may have a long-term goal in mind, but along the way there is always beauty and magic to be enjoyed. Focus on the grace or learning of the moment—the flowers along side of the road, a morning sunrise.


Are you missing the brilliant colors and fragrances of the flowers because you are too worried about tomorrow or focused on a goal in the future? There is always only now.


Sometimes a full moon can appear as a single radiant star on a clear night. You're at the right place and the right time, and magic is sure to occur. Follow your intuition. Allow your heart and your gut to lead the way without trying to overanalyze a situation. You may even see the dolphins frolicking across the wavetops.


Have you been following your mind instead of your intuition? Life is not always rational, but has its own mysterious flow. Pay attention to the signs and allow life to lead you on its own magical journey.

Starwalker Oracle Deck
Starwalker Oracle Deck - Dolphins
Starwalker Oracle Deck - Journey
Starwalker Oracle Deck - Intuition
Starwalker Oracle Deck - Dragon magic


If Dragon has appeared today then you are being asked to delve deep into that wise part of yourself that is connected to the mysteries of fire and water. Dragons are proud and loyal companions. They are often the wayshowers. Or expect a large, magnanimous presence to enter your life shortly.


Perhaps you are seeing yourself as too small, not capable or courageous enough to fulfill your dreams. You are more powerful than you think. Consider tuning into and accessing the magical energy of Dragon that lies deep within you. Dragon is capable and wise, often guarding a heap of gold just waiting to be discovered.

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