"As the original founder of Common Ground magazine and one of the publishers of Specialty Travel Index magazine, I employed Karin as my graphic designer and art director for years. I greatly appreciated her reliable, consistent design work. She has always been a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her services. She is very professional — great with clients and has a wonderful
ability to make things seem easy!"

—Andy Alpine,
Founder & former Publisher of Common Ground magazine/
Former Publisher of Specialty Travel Index

"I have worked with Dolphin Press on about 200 projects, over the scope of 15 very productive years. Karin has designed brochures, class schedules, posters, mailers, stationary, newsletters, logos, CD and DVD full color covers, and 4 very successful books, designed from cover to cover for big NY publishers. Yes, its impressive. Karin is a very skilled, talented, focused, trustworthy, reliable designer who I've been very lucky to work with. (I actually feel generous telling you about her, because a part of me wants to keep her a secret, so she can continue to generate great projects with me.) In sum, she's a real treasure."

—Michael Gach, Author and former Director of the Acupressure Institute


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