Swim, Play and Ride with Dolphins in Paradise

Dolphin Adventure for a Week - 2014

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Polly Showing Off

Polly, a 3-year-old female, is showing off: making clicking sounds, blowing bubbles
and making sounds through her blowhole,
nodding her head "yes," and waving her flipper!

* * *

Quotes from 2014 Participants

  We were like a family going straight into the week with an open heart. . .love, connecting, the dolphins always teaching us!

— Jeanette Marcus, S. Africa

  The highlight of the week for me was meeting one of the dophins—Mika—up close in such a personal, heartfelt way! Fabulous week!

— Denise Dogon, S. Africa

  One of the things I liked best during the week was doing the double dorsal tow. It was like flying!
  Then during our second swim I had two, sometimes two or three dolphins, swimming with me and playing with seagrass. They seemed so full of excitement and joy!

  So many things to like about this place: the view, the wonderful food, the fact that you are free to kayak, lay on the beach, the very wonderful staff who are willing to help with any concerns.
  This trip is life changing! A unique, once in a lifetime experience. Being with the dolphins is so incredibly special.

— Theresa Washington, Chicago, IL



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