Swim, Play and Ride with Dolphins in Paradise

Dolphin Trainer for a Week Program - 2011

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Music by Timothy Dixon, 2011

Painting by Sherry Albrecht, 2011


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  The highlight of the week had to be the first swim with the dolphins. One of the moms came up and took some sea grass from me. Her face was right in front of mine, and her baby was right next to her. She let me touch her baby before she gently swam off!

— Alyson Rousseau, Wildlife Waystation Volunteer, Porter Ranch, CA

  My favorite part of the trip was the one-on-one playtime in the snorkel-swim with the dolphins. This is the best week of my year. The people and the dolphins are great!

— Susie Larson, West Hills, CA

  Dolphin Love...need I say more! Wow! The experience of interacting with them left me smiling with delight. Their different personalities, how eager they are to interact with us, the care they take around us (they are such large mammals, and yet they move around us with such grace and ease), their direct eye contact. . .
  This was a very special group of people brought together in common interest and spirit, and was really quite wonderful. . .

— Sherry Albrecht, Tarpon Springs, FL

  Karin and Jon brought the trip together beautifully, everything so well organized. The location is incredible. I felt welcomed, and at home from the moment I arrived at the airport. I was able to get in the water, and stay in the water for as long as....well.... until dinner time!!!! Diving and spending time with the dolphins in the snorkel-swims in their natural environment in the ocean—I felt as if I was coming home.

— Timothy Dixon, musician, Mill Valley, CA



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