Swim, Play and Ride with Dolphins in Paradise

Dolphin Trainer for a Week Program - 2015

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Mac and Polly Playing

Polly, 4 years old, teaches her brother Mac, 2, how to play the leaf game. . .
as siblings they have an unusually strong bond together.

* * *

  This place is beautiful, calm. Really friendly, kind and helpful people. I really liked all the interactions with the dolphins!

— Mags Johnson, Worcester Park, England

  This trip is "out of this world and going into another"—the up-close and personal time we get to spend with the dolphins with all their varied personalities is such a gift. Being with these creatures fills me with such peace and joy that's it's difficult to find words to describe it.
  I also enjoy the interaction and laughter within the group and have made good friends in the four years I have been coming here. I cherish the serenity and the beauty here.

— Theresa Washington, Chicago, IL

  The highlight of my week was probably when I turned around while I was 6 feet below the surface to find myself being observed by four dolphins. It appears that they were particularly interested in the monofin I was wearing.
  The people here are incredibly welcoming and friendly. The whole experience is like stepping into another world for awhile. I'm sure there is no other place quite like this on the planet.

— Timothy Dixon, musician, Mill Valley, CA



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