Swim, Play and Ride with Dolphins in Paradise

Dolphin Trainer for a Week Program - 2012

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Quotes from 2012 Participants

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  What I liked best about the week was snorkeling with the dolphins. This experience helped me to overcome some of my fears and physical challenges. What was especially significant for me was watching my daughter Lisa, who is disabled, achieve what might not be possible. I really appreciated the kindness everyone showed us.

— Jenny Ranney, teacher, CA

  Seeing such magnificent creatures swim right by you, watching them in their own world—words can't describe what this week has meant to me. One of the highlights of the week was when Maury, one of the dolphins, brought her baby to me during a feeding session.
  Being here is like stepping into another world. It's so beautiful and peaceful. Heaven on earth! I'm not the same person as when I came. I feel better in so many ways.

— Theresa Washington, Chicago, IL



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